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My only regret is not getting more! All the strains taste as you would expect them to. More affordable than ever. Nothing more I can ask for!

I have tried many different brands, tho some are extremely potent, I don’t enjoy as much as the flavour packed smooth CO2 Kush oils!

Just placed an order for 5 more Kush oil disposables!! I am getting Bubba, Durban Poison, Green C and Super Sour diesel. Love you guy!!

First time i make an order. I brought a pen and 2 cartridge. Fast shippement price fair product good quality. Will buy again

The moment I tried a Kush Oil pen my first thought was "...Whoa, this rollin' joints thing is for suckers!", and I haven't gone back since!

OMG you have to try these Kush Oil pens! Better than any other else out there. They are the bomb!

Minimal smell, discreet, fast and effective. Perfect for living on campus.

I was super impressed with the lightening quick shipping! Super clean pulls, amazing taste, simply the best I’ve ever tried!

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