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Is Marijuana Good For Anxiety?

People have long used marijuana as an alternative therapy for anxiety. It’s becoming more common to turn to marijuana as an anxiety treatment as the use of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes continues to be legalized in more places.

Kush Oil would like to highlight on although there isn't a lot of research on marijuana and anxiety, especially about its long-term effects, many people who suffer from anxiety find that it helps them, unless, they experience adverse reactions.

Marijuana and Anxiety: Finding a Balance

When it comes to marijuana use, there are things we can control. There are some broad guidelines and safety measures we can follow if using marijuana to treat anxiety, although overall there is not enough research on this topic.

Understanding Marijuana Strains, THC, and CBD

You can be sure that the marijuana you buy from a dispensary contains THC. You can find out exactly how much THC is in that gummy or cookie by reading the label. Low THC is better when marijuana use is relaxed, especially in the beginning.

The plant's other active ingredient, CBD (cannabidiol), is linked to increased relaxation. Therefore, for the most effective anxiety relief, choose strains with higher CBD and lower THC levels, or vice versa (to balance THC). Some marijuana strains, such as Granddaddy Purple, are recognized for their ability to reduce anxiety. Please don't ask me where these names come from.

Ingestion Process

In addition to all the numerous highs that different strains can provide, how you use the substance has a significant impact. There are several methods for smoking marijuana, including joints, bongs, and bowls. You can feel the effects of the drug within a minute of smoking. If you use it in food or "edibles", it may take half an hour or more to notice any benefits.

Is Marijuana Good For Anxiety?

Marijuana specifically affects the neurotransmitter GABA, which can stop anxiety in its tracks, which is one reason it has a calming effect. Common prescription anti-anxiety drugs benzodiazepines target GABA levels! When taken frequently, marijuana can reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, according to one study.

CBD oil is a less divisive and more universally accepted option available these days. You won't get high because it doesn't contain THC, but you'll experience benefits that reduce anxiety. CBD is considered fairly safe when taken alone. It’s believed to work by affecting the CB1 receptor in the brain, which increases serotonin levels.

There has been some encouraging CBD research! In a study with both human and animal participants, those who took 400 mg of CBD experienced significantly less anxiety compared to a placebo. Another study demonstrated CBD's ability to reduce speech-related social anxiety.

There is no doubt that marijuana can be beneficial, at least for some people, though not for everyone. If you live in a place where the use of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes is allowed, be aware that it may make your anxiety worse. Hopefully, you'll notice that you're a lot less stressed and a lot happier. If you've never used marijuana or if you're not sure, consult with us!

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