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How to Use Kush Oil Pen Instructions

Kush Oil Pen

Congratulations on your new purchase of a Kush Oil vaporizer and oil cartridge! In this kush oil pen instructions post, we’ll walk you through the setup process for your new vape cartridge and battery kit and discuss how to use your new Kush Oil product! Both the Kush Oil cartridges and battery kit are available through our online store and shipped directly to your door! If you already have your Kush Oil cartridge and battery kit then let’s get started with the kush oil pen instructions!  

Your New Kush Oil Pen Instructions:

Start by opening the box and sliding out the plastic packaging inside which contains your cartridge and battery. Remove both the battery kit and the cartridge from the packaging.  

Connecting Cartridge to the Battery:

Next, get ready to connect your cartridge to your battery. On the cartridge, one end has the mouthpiece and the other end has a male screw piece. With the battery in one hand and the cartridge in the other, identify the female screw location on the battery and screw the mouthpiece in clockwise just like a bottle cap. Keep spinning the cartridge on until it’s snug. kush oil pen instructions

Turn your Vaporizer ON/OFF:

Press the button 5 times rapidly to turn the vaporizer safe mode on or off. Your new Kush Oil vaporizer is now all set and ready to use! The safe mode on the battery is used to lock the vaporizer in off mode so that it doesn’t turn on in your pocket. Note: The new Battery Kit comes fully charged out of the box.  

How To Use The Vaporizer:

To use your vaporizer simply hold down the button and take a draw on the mouthpiece. The device will heat the extract inside and instantly produce vapor. The battery has a safety feature to turn off after approximately 10 seconds to keep it from overheating. We also recommend you try holding down the power button for 2-3 seconds before inhaling for a “super toke.”  

When You Need a New Cartridge:

It is easy to tell when you need a new cartridge with the Kush Oil cartridges! The window on the cartridge allows you to see exactly how much oil extract is left in your current cartridge. You can also tell by taking a hit of the pen and not feeling any vapor or effects. When it’s time to replace your cartridge with a new one, simply visit your local retailer or order online at KushOil.com.  

How to Swap out your Cartridges:

When you have your new replacement cartridge ready, simply grab the bottom of the cartridge (the metal part, not the glass) and begin unscrewing counter-clockwise from the battery kit. Remove the old cartridge from the battery. Take the new cartridge and twist it clockwise; screwing the new cartridge into the battery till it’s snug. Turn the vape on (if safe mode is on and light does not illuminate, then press rapidly 5 times) and take a drag from your new Kush Oil cartridge. kush oil pen

Charging Your Vaporizer Battery:

Each new battery from KushOil.com comes fully charged and ready to use out of the box. The battery kit comes with a powerful 400 mAh battery that provides a good battery life. When your battery is dead, the light will flash multiple times when you try to hold down the button and the vaporizer will not heat up and produce any vapor. To charge, you must remove the cartridge (see above) by unscrewing it off, and then screw on the small black USB charger (included in the battery kit) in place of the cartridge. Plug this into a USB or wall charger to charge. There is a light on the charger that turns green when it’s fully charged.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about these Kush Oil pen instructions or your product in general, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email!

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