The CO2 extraction method is superior to other methods of extraction simply because it is pure. You are exhaling CO2 right now! Kush Oil is a breath of fresh air compared to most cannabis extracts that are processed with toxic chemicals like butane, propane, or hexane. Aside from health consequences, these methods mute the taste and create an oil that lacks the crisp flavours. The lingering residual solvents that these methods produce can also create an unpleasant high.
It all begins with our high quality plants, which are organically grown and cultivated with the utmost care to provide the most resinous flowers. We transform our trichome covered buds with medical grade CO2 at our state-of-the-art facility. Only the best parts of the plant are used for extraction. Precision processing delivers the complete flavour profile of each strain. We only use medical grade CO2, and never include any additives or buffing agents. Since our CO2 extraction process is done at low temperatures, the ideal organic state of the plant is retained. The terpene profile is entirely preserved from the original strains. Our extraction artists capture the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. The outcome is premium vapour that tastes and feels unbelievably lush and smooth. Kush Oil is as pure as the driven snow!
Elevate your vaping expectations with Kush Oil. Our goal is to empower cannabis connoisseurs with portable, premium cannabis. At the push of a button, experience clouds of vapor that express the full effects and flavors of the original strain. Vapor doesn’t contain the harsh toxic carcinogens that are found in smoke.
We encase our premium CO2 oil inside an embossed metal cartridge that features ceramic coils and silicone seals. Our hardware delivers massive clouds of vapor with every hit. Our powerful 400 mAh lithium battery comes with a USB charger.
Kush Oil pens are super simple! Connect your new Kush Oil cartridge to your battery by screwing into place. Rapidly click the button 5 times to turn safety mode on or off. With safety mode off, hold down the button and inhale from the top of the cartridge.
Simply unscrew your old cartridge from the battery, and screw the new cartridge onto the battery. You can purchase a new Kush Oil cartridge from our online store or your local dispensary.

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