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5 Tips For First Time Smokers

5 Tips For First Time Smokers

You’ve finally decided to try kush oils for the first time. Perhaps your opinion of these products has evolved because more states are pushing to legalize their recreational use, or perhaps countless approvals have compelled you to pique your curiosity. While you’re probably excited about this new experience, expect to feel some nervous anticipation. Even the most seasoned smokers experience pre-session shocks from time to time. A natural response to hesitation towards the unknown, and this natural herb adds an extra layer of suspicion to the historical stigma. In addition, first-time smokers often feel annoyed, not knowing how long the high will last or staying in an unfamiliar setting.

Adjust Your Expectation

Adjusting your expectations and understanding how herbs affect the body can reduce your anxiety. Without exposure before flowering or concentration, your body will be sensitive to psychoactive and relaxing effects. Feeling joy, laughter and excitement is a common feeling and you will feel the world more vivid because color and sound look brighter. Depending on who you want to be enlightened with, smoking can be a deep bond experience and you can have conversations that you would never have considered otherwise. If you are ready to go green, here at Kush Oil’s article shares 5 tips and tricks that first-time smokers should know.

5 Tips For First Time Smokers

Here are 5 tips for first-time smokers. They are-
  • Take Your Time

    It’s very common for first-timers to take a few puffs and feel nothing. It may take a few sessions before your body feels the full effect of the strong flower. With that in mind, avoid taking massive hits and overeating. Start with a steady diet or low dose diet and give yourself time to absorb it. Measure the intensity by checking in your mood and working diligently to prevent any negative thoughts.
  • Choose Your Setting

    Much like your mentality, the world around you can affect your smoking experience. To make sure your first time is comfortable and safe, decide on a comfortable place where you can lower your guard. Surround yourself with people who will laugh at dumb high-pitched jokes, and make sure to prepare the place with plenty of snacks for the inevitable munchies.
  • Cough When You Need To

    The first-timer sometimes feels embarrassed when a cough threatens to loosen up after a fit. Don’t fight the urge. Coughing will relieve your lungs’ subconscious response to smoke and any irritating or itchy sensations caused by deep snoring. Take a long sip of water to relieve the burning sensation and take a deep breath in the cough to soothe the sore throat.
  • Your Day Is Clear

    If you are worried about future responsibilities, your first experience with flowers may be sour. Concentrated, edible, and buds affect everyone differently, which means you can stay in the green fog for long walks in your first session. Choose a free day before the lights go out so you can enjoy the wonders of herbs without caring for the world.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

    Inexperienced users may feel light-headed after a heavy smoke session, and dehydration may exacerbate those side effects. Keep plenty of water on hand when you smoke and sip regularly. You’ll probably experience the infamous dry mouth at least once during your time traveling marijuana, and the H20 liquid armor will be your night when it hits.

Wrapping Up

Your first experience with smoking is a stimulating role in a world full of laughter and serenity. With these 6 tips and tricks for first-time smokers, you can turn on the lights, kick your back and stay stress-free as you rise higher in the world of recreational smoking. But if you are looking for suggestions on smoking, weed-smoking or vaping, you can take help from Kush Oil.

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