Kush Oil is a Cannabis Connoisseur's Dream!

Elevate your Vaping Expectations!

Kush Oil vape pen extracts are packaged in cartridges to be used as a discreet, fast and convenient vaporizer.

Kush Oil has built a reputation in Vancouver as THE BEST premium extracts manufacturer.

Unlike other brands who use cheaper and lower quality extraction methods (propane, butane), Kush Oil uses a special process called Supercritical CO2 Extraction to create the highest quality extracts on the market.

Order your Kush Oil vaporizer cartridges today!

Express 1-2 day shipping! Canada-wide!

Free Shipping on Orders over $100!


Customer Reviews

  • Felicia
    I was super impressed with the lightning quick shipping! Super clean pulls, amazing bud taste, simply the best I've ever tried!
  • Alicia
    “The Charlotte’s Web CBD Kush Oil vaporizer has changed my life in countless ways. I have struggled with extreme anxiety since I was a youth. I don’t know what I would have done without my Kush Oil CBD pen during my recent recovery from major surgery, while also quitting a long term cigarette addiction. Kush Oil’s CBD pen eased my pain emotionally and physically; including cutting my nicotine cravings. I slept a lot better and felt better instantly. I truly feel it helped me achieve a very speedy recovery after my surgery and quit cigarettes for good! I LOVE Kush Oil!!!" :)
  • Naomi
    The Kush Oil pen is a powerful yet sleek vaporizer. The design of the pen is convenient for vaping virtually anywhere! One toke from a Kush Oil product gives me a way better high than smoking a joint, along with providing exceptional flavours.
  • Trevor
    “Minimal smell, discreet, fast and effective. Perfect for living on campus.”
  • Stephanie
    "OMG you have to try these Kush Oil pens! Better than any other vape out there. They are the bomb!"


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